Utilities and Workout Editor

PerfPRO Analyzer has a slew of utilities to help you get more productive with your training.

Below are just a few:
  • ERG/MRC Workout Editor:
    Gone are the days of having to create ERG and MultiRider Coaching (MRC) files with Notepad. The ERG/MRC Workout Editor, which is built right into PerfPRO, allows users to build up their ERG/MRC workout files like they would if using a spreadsheet. It also gives users a visual graph of what the workout looks like and allows you to create a report on the file to hand out to athletes before the pain begins.

    The Workout Editor works hand-in-hand with the Workout Player, which is an awesome tool to do your workouts and get detailed analysis back when finished.
  • Mass Import for Performances and Courses:
    When PerfPRO is first installed and loaded, it allows you to bring in all of your performance and course data. Very quickly you'll have a fully loaded application that'll give you the results you're looking for.
  • Expose Duplicate Courses:
    Once you have your course database loaded, you can use this utility to find duplicate courses. This helps clean up any unnecessary course files.
  • Create Road Signs for the 3D software:
    Those road signs you see while riding the 3D software can easily get updated using this tool. Simply select the images/pictures you want as road signs and this utility will resize and format the images and load into the necessary CompuTrainer 3D software folder.
  • Extract courses from Performance Files
    Got a performance with no matching course file? That can be a pain if you want to ride that course, but don't want to race against that performance. This tool quickly extracts the course from the .3dp file and saves it as a .3dc course file in your course folder.
  • Backup/Restore PerfPRO Data
    Safeguard your PerfPRO data with this feature. This is also handy if you're racing on one machine and analyzing on another. It's a very quick way to mirror the data on both machines.
  • Course Editor:
    Add/Edit/Copy/Paste legs of the course along with several handy utilities. Read more about the Course Editor.
  • FTP Calculator:
    With this calculator, users can specify a date range of performances to determine their functional threshold power (FTP). The calculator can find the best FTP efforts or average out all of the FTPs. If averaging, users can specify that each performance have a minimum average watts of such and such to filter out rides that did not bring on this kind of effort. After calculated, users can use the given value or adjust it. They can then apply it to past performances.0
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