PerfPRO Studio and PerfPRO Analyzer can load the following performance file types:
(refer to the Course Creation area on course file compatibility)
  • CompuTrainer™ 3D Software Performance Files (.3DP). 3D software must be version 3.0 Feb/24/2006 or later.
  • Peaksware™ Exported .PWX files. Any performance file may be automatically converted to the PWX format and uploaded to your TrainingPeaks account. You just supply your account info within your profile and hit the TP button.
  • Garmin™ History and Performance (e.g., .fit, .tcx, .hst, .crs, .gpx) file types. PerfPRO recognizes what performances you previously imported from your history file and will only add/show what is new. It also gives you the option to load up any performance found in the history file. There is nothing additional you need to do with your history file other than exporting it from the Training Center software (if not a .FIT or coming from the Ant Agent).

    PerfPRO can also adjust your elevation data using USGS's services to give you a more accurate representation of profiling and climbing/descending.
  • Can detect automatically when your Garmin Ant Agent has transferred the data from your watch. No need to go into the Garmin Training Center anymore to export.
  • Can read Garmin History directly from your Garmin Device (mostly older models like the Garmin 305).
  • Quarq power files via the Garmin head unit.
  • RacerMate One™ .RMP Performance files. All variations of this file type (3D, Power, SpinScan, etc.)
  • RacerMate One™ Exported .CSV Performance files.
  • All exported Coaching Software™ Text file types (e.g, .txt files exported from .3dp, .cdf, .mdf files). Works with both CompuTrainer™ and Velotron™ exported text performance files. The next release of the 3D software for the Velotron will create performance files readable by PerfPRO.
  • Polar™ heart rate monitor files (.hrm).
  • Tacx™ i-Magic and Fortius file types (e.g., .ca, .caf, .cof, .im, .imf).
  • PowerTap™ .CSV Files.
  • Ergomo™ .CSV Files.
  • SRM™ .SRM Data Files. Now version 7 compatible.
  • iBike™ .CSV Data Files. Their new .IBR files are currently NOT supported.
  • Netathlon™ file types (.n2p, nap, .raw)
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