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PerfPRO© Analyzer is a software application that allows athletes to log their workouts as well as create detailed training plans to help organize their goals. PerfPRO allows athletes to log all types of workouts (e.g., bike, run, swim, etc.) and is VERY powerful when it comes analyzing data from the various power devices. Athletes whom use a CompuTrainer™, Garmin™, Tacx™, PowerTap™, SRM™, iBike™, Velotron™ and many other power training devices are able to completely analyze all areas of a performance file. It is a complete performance analysis tool that can produce detailed statistical information on individual performances as well as overall progress. It can also produce many easy-to-understand reports and graphs, which allow you to better understand your progression.  PerfPRO helps analyze your strengths, but more importantly it helps identify your weaknesses, which makes this software the perfect fit to your training needs.

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By loading your performance/wattage files PerfPRO can display all of your rider information (when present), complete statistics with Max/Min/Averages, maximum wattage thresholds at given timeframes, power and heart rate zone as well as course information. You can then create additional reports from this data, produce graphs for watts, speed, heart rate, SpinScan™, RPMs as well as the course profile associated with the performance. From there, athletes can also begin analyzing their performance. For one example, PerfPRO can provide stats on your best wattage output for 5-minutes and give you the exact location within your performance where that output occurred. You can also have it show stats from minutes-15 to 35 or whatever time/distance you want. If you know your workout had hard efforts during a certain timeframe then you can have PerfPRO show the stats for that phase. It can even be setup to show interval sets with rest time in-between! PerfPRO isn't limited to just watts. PerfPRO can provide the same feedback for SpinScan™, Heart Rate, Cadence, and Speed. It can give just the information you're looking for and it's easy to get to it.

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There are many great benefits to using a CompuTrainer™ (CT) and Velotron™. Anyone who owns a CT or has had the opportunity to train with one knows it's leaps and bounds above the standard trainer. From its ability to calculate SpinScan™ values (pedal stroke efficiency) to providing extremely accurate wattage measurements, the feedback you get from these devices put the user at an extreme advantage. What is also nice about these trainers are the performance data it records during your ride. Within these files, for every second you are riding your CT unit is providing roughly twenty lines of performance data (e.g., watts, SpinScan™, Heart Rate, etc). This allows for very accurate measurements to give you the precision you need.

If you haven't transitioned to PerfPRO Studio, the only way to really use your performance files is by loading them up into the Coaching Software, which is provided with the CompuTrainer™ unit. The Coaching Software is OK and a bit outdated, but its intention was to provide you with specific feedback, not track continuous progress throughout a given timeframe. If you are relying on the CSV file that's updated after each ride then you're missing out on a lot of valuable data. When you have an organized way of housing all of your performances along with the ability to analyze specific sections of your ride it becomes much easier to track your progress. The reports the 3D software creates are not enough to provide data that shows you're improving or not. This is where PerfPRO Analyzer steps in and fills those gaps.

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