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Analyzing workout using same workout player file
The PerfPRO Workout Player is an alternative to using PerfPRO Studio. It allows athletes to create a specific workout or list of steps based on the percentage of their FTP and “play” that file over other applications while doing their workout.

During the workout a countdown timer is provided for each step and riders will see what wattage they should be riding based on their current FTP %. The player can be configured so when it’s in the preferred “compact mode” it will integrate fairly well into the software you’re using to do your trainer ride. In most cases this software is the MultiRider or CompuTrainer 3D software. However, any or no software can be used to accommodate the Workout Player.

From the images on the right you can also see a rider's name or list of riders. Under their name is the watts they should be holding for the current step in their workout. This wattage value is based on their personal FTP (or Functional Threshold Power). So if their FTP is 200 and the current step calls for a 90% effort then the number under their name will show a wattage value of 180 watts. This takes the guess work out of knowing how hard each athlete should go.

When your workout is done you can analyze your performance data using the same file, which is in the same format as a RacerMater MRC workout file. Just open the performance, go into the Analyze area then choose your workout file. PerfPRO knows if you used the player for this workout so it sets it up for you. PerfPRO will break down the workout and show detailed statistics on each step so you know if you nailed your workout or went too hard too soon or whatever. And similar to analyzing an exported CDF performance file, PerfPRO adds the goal load line or wattage so you can graphically see how well you maintained the required efforts. It's all pretty slick so check it out!
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