Training Plans

PerfPRO allows athletes and coaches to create training plans for one or more athletes. Training plans can be created quickly and workouts can be copied by a daily, weekly, or monthly basis then updated to quickly setup an entire training plan for a given time period. Coaches can also copy a week or month for one rider to another rider then adjust accordingly to match the needs of the athlete.

Once a training plan is created, users can post their plans up to the PerfPRO website for easy access for the athlete. Plans can also be posted then send emails to the associated athlete. This makes the communication of these training plans very easy for a coach. If the athlete also has PerfPRO on their machine then training plan files can be sent so the athlete whom can then manipulate the plan on their side where they see fit. It also allows them to check off the workouts they have done by associating them with other workouts (e.g., performance files or manual workouts).

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