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The BETA release is a side-by-side installation. Those currently using PerfPRO Studio can install the BETA without effecting your current installation and its data. The BETA and the current app cannot be run at the same time.

Before purchasing, you get 14-days, risk-free to try any of these fully functional applications.

Version 5.82.06
Released Wednesday, February 5, 2020
This installation includes PerfPRO Analyzer

Version 1.8.22
Released Friday, April 10, 2020
This installation DOES NOT include PerfPRO Studio or Analyzer.
Version 5.82.06
Released Wednesday, February 5, 2020
Download only if you do not want the Studio application.

Existing users may download to upgrade from their current version.
Please read the FAQs page for more information if you are upgrading from Analyzer to Studio.

If you are downloading Studio you DO NOT need to download Analyzer. It is included with Studio.

Partly Cloudy Plug-in for Internet Data Sharing
Contact us about providing data hosting if you plan to have your PerfPRO data on the internet via the Partly Cloudy plug-in. For an annual subscription we provide the data hosting and daily to weekly backups as well direct data support. So if someone deletes your athlete profiles they can be restored that day.

System Requirements for Studio and Analyzer
  • Windows© 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or greater.
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2. You likely already have it if you keep your machine updated. Download .NET 4.5.2 here.
  • For PerfPRO Analyzer, having power data of some sort (e.g., RacerMater performance files, PowerTap, SRM, Garmin, iBike, etc.) on same machine is recommended to get started.
  • Mac Users: Please install Parallels or any other virtual software for the Mac. You may then install Windows on your Mac and run PerfPRO.
System Requirements for PerfPRO CT Smart
  • Windows© 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or greater.
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.6.1. You likely also have it if you keep your machine updated. Download .NET 4.6.1 here.
  • ANT+ Stick: USB2 or USB-m types (older USB1 types not supported). One stick for every 8-trainers you want to broadcast wirelessly.
Hardware Recommendations
  • ANT+ Stick: USB2 or USB-m types (older USB1 types not supported). Checkout sales at Digi-Key, Amazon and other sites for various models.
  • Smart Trainer Studios refer to the setup documention.
  • KICKR Studios refer to the setup documention.
  • PowerBeam/PowerSync and CycleOps Bike users MUST use TWO ANT+ sticks (up to 8-PowerBeams on one secondary stick, additional sticks may be used). Sorry, with the possibility of having multiple riders this is the best option.
  • ANT+ sticks should be connected directly into to the PC if possible. Better signal results when using a USB extension cord.
  • If connecting ANT+ sticks to a USB hub it must be a powered hub using its AC power adapter.
  • Connecting ANT+ sticks to USB Extension cables longer than 12ft should be swaped out for an AV Device using an ethernet cable. Contact support if you need more information on this device.
  • CompuTrainer Studios: For home use, use the Type 7 connector that RacerMate recommends. For studio use, we find the FTDI compatabile Serial-to-USB hub works better than a typical USB hub. This requires the Type2 9pin serial stereo-to-serial adapter for each trainer. Examples here: If using a USB hub it MUST be powered using its power adapter.
When Using Video...
  • Windows© Media Player must be installed to do video workouts. You may also use the MPC-HC open source video player, which is REALLY nice and makes use of your video card's GPU and takes the load off your machine's CPU during video workouts.
  • Windows 7 or higher is highly recommended when using video. Older Vista systems do not do too well with today's video formats unless using the MPC-HC player. Microsoft and PerfPRO no longer supports Windows XP.
  • A machine with a dual core or better processor. Single core, older machines WILL experience performance issues when using video.
  • Machine with a minimum of 4GB of RAM or more when used in a studio. 4GB minimum is HIGHLY recommended when using Windows 7 or higher given the amount of memory Windows consumes on its own. Use the trial period to determine if your current system is adequate.
  • Newer video card with minimum 1GB memory. NVidia GeForce GTX200 series / ATI Radeon 4800HD and higher series models are good choices. A video card with two or more video outputs is also recommended when using multiple screens and plan to extend the Windows desktop. HDMI splitters work well too if you do not need to extend the desktop.
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