Performance Sharing

PerfPRO allows registered users a couple options on how to share their reports and performances over the internet. Currently, the most popular method is to post your workouts to the (TP) website. Their basic account subscription is free with a monthly charge if you were to use their expanded features. Any workout logged to PerfPRO can be uploaded directly to your TP account.

Users may also post reports up to the PerfPRO website and provide a unique link to the people you would like to view the report. Only people you want to share information with can see these reports. There is also a Facebook option so you can socially share your reports on Facebook.

As with reports, users may also share actual performance data with users they give permission to view. Within PerfPRO, you setup a list of registered users via a unique ID that PerfPRO provides. Whenever a user chooses to share a performance, the data is quickly uploaded to the PerfPRO website and stored in a secure location. When one of your users chooses to view any shared performances they are provided a list of performances that are available for downloading. They can then select the performances they want to download into PerfPRO on their desktop then analyze your data. Any updated user information is also carried with these performances so both users have accurate data.

This is a great way for athletes to share their results with their coaches.

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