PerfPRO Studio Home (3-Rider Limit), version 5.82.06
Purchase the Home Edition if you plan to ride your trainer at home by yourself or with up to three riders. PerfPRO Analyzer IS included with the Home Edition.
PerfPRO Studio Small Studio (6-Rider Limit), version 5.82.06
Purchase the 6-Rider Edition if you plan to ride your trainer in a studio environment with up to six riders. PerfPRO Analyzer IS included with the Small Studio edition.
PerfPRO Studio Professional (8-Rider Limit), version 5.82.06
Purchase the Pro Edition if you plan to ride your trainer in a studio environment with up to eight riders. PerfPRO Analyzer IS included with the Professional edition.
PerfPRO Studio Premium (12-Rider Limit), version 5.82.06
Purchase the Premium Edition if you plan to ride your trainer in a studio environment with up to twelve riders. PerfPRO Analyzer IS included with the Premium edition.
PerfPRO Studio Full Edition (Unlimited Riders), version 5.82.06
Purchase the Full Edition if you plan to use this application in a studio environment AND/OR need to have more than 12-trainers connected.  PerfPRO Analyzer IS included with the Full Edition.
PerfPRO CT Smart Bridge, version 1.8.22
Turn your CompuTrainer and older CycleOps trainers/bikes into  wireless Smart ANT+ FE-C trainers so head units like Garmin and Wahoo can control it as well as other trainer applications. An ANT+ stick is required to broadcast the ANT+ signal to other head units and apps.
PerfPRO Analyzer, version 5.82.06
Purchase PerfPRO Analyzer only if you do not plan to ride indoors and/or just want the most thorough data analysis from your workout files.
Partly Cloudy Data Plug-In
This data plug-in allows you to connect a MySQL database and allow multiple machines to share the same data over your local network or on the internet. Please read more information here.

Each purchased license may be activated on two machines.

We also provide the database hosting, which is recommended since we know this data the best. 
Database Hosting Annually
This option allows you to host your Partly Cloudy data using Hartware's database servers. The advantage of hosting through us is you get direct developer knowledge of the database as well as weekly to daily backups of your data. If for whatever reason your data becomes corrupt or someone inadvertently changes something we can be contacted to fix/restore the issue fairly quickly. 

This is an annual subscription and invoices are sent one month prior to renewal. Once purchased, Hartware will stand up your database and supply the connection information to you so it may be entered within your Partly Cloudy options.
Major Credit Cards PayPal

Once payment is received, a registration code is emailed to you within 24-hours to unlock the trial version.

With your software application(s) purchase you get:
  • Free upgrades to future versions.
  • Reporting and Training Plan upload space on the PerfPRO website.
  • Free support via email.
  • Direct contact with the developer for future enhancements.

Due to the 14-day trial period, which allows you to fully test and evaluate PerfPRO before purchasing, no refunds are accepted.
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