PerfPRO Studio© is a fully stand-alone training and performance analysis platform that supports as many bike trainers, indoor bikes, treadmills AND/OR rowers as you need. PerfPRO Studio is capable of handling single home use and very large group settings with just about any type of Windows machine. You may also mix up the trainer types, bikes, and treadmills to allow a high level of flexability in your studio.

PerfPRO Studio for Individual Riders.
For individual riders, PerfPRO Studio is the perfect at-home training solution. Whether you are into FTP% and ERG workouts, video workouts, course riding or all of the above PerfPRO has you covered. And when your workout is complete let Analyzer push workouts up to your favorite website, automatically email your reports, and do extremely detailed analysis within. It has a metric ton of functionality shoved into one very affordable package.

Turbo/Fluid/Mag Trainers
You don't need to own or use one of the supported electronic trainers or power meters to take advantage of PerfPRO Studio. PerfPRO Studio comes with support for multiple stationary trainers as well. Because PerfPRO Studio is fully ANT+ enabled you may use your various wireless devices with your turbo trainers or any other supported trainer type. You can even get simulated power (SimPower) wattage readings if your trainer is one of the many supported make/model types. All you need is an ANT+ enabled speed or cadence/speed sensor and suddenly power just got real cheap! PerfPRO Studio 2020 accurately converts your speed values to power so you have consistent power numbers day in and day out without the actual need for a power meter.

Treadmill Use
PerfPRO Studio also allows for single and group treadmill use. With the use of an ANT+ foot pod, and optionally a Running Dynamics pod, you may view speed/cadence stats (and anything else) while running on your treadmill. For structured workouts like FTP% workouts, PerfPRO instructs runners what speed they set the treadmill at based on a percentage of their threshold PACE. And unique treadmill data displays are available to each runner as they train. It ends up being a very interactive/structured workout that tends to cause time to fly by no matter the distance. Gone are the days of the "dreadmill" !!!!

Concept2 Rowing Machine Use
PerfPRO Studio allows for single to group rower use using the Concept2 rowers. Rowers using the PM5 monitor broadcasting the ANT+ signal may be used with PerfPRO Studio to do single and group workouts. With these rowers you have the ability to measure power, strokes per minute, and calories per hour during the workout. PerfPRO Studio then shows more specific rower stats like Pace/500m and distance in meters rather than mph or kph. With that, PerfPRO Analyzer then gives more rower-specific stats to analyze and report on. As with bike data, this info may be pushed up to various websites for further analysis or exported as FIT files for unique situations.

PerfPRO Analyzer is included with PerfPRO Studio 2020. These two applications are full integrated with each other so performance data is quickly loaded after workouts and detailed analysis can be done immediately. There are also options to automatically upload performance data to * and/or the PerfPRO website as well as auto-generate emails with links to reports after each ride. From a studio administrator standpoint, this is a huge time-saver! Analyzer also checks on improvements immediately after each workout and notifies athletes of their achievements within Studio 2020. This gives them instant feedback and positive re-enforcement after each workout to continue increasing motivation.

Checkout PerfPRO Studio's Feature Sheet to see all it has to offer.
You'll love its workout/course features, workout editor, and ANT+/BLE enabled capabilities.

Below is a typical single rider display explaining each piece of data. For a 10-trainer studio your screen would show ten of these individual displays. Each athlete would then use their own handlebar controller to change screens to see additional data and use their menu options to control their own ride.

PerfPRO Studio's Feature Sheet.

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