PerfPRO Studio CT Handlebar Controller Options.
Handlebar Controller Options for CompuTrainer Users
With PerfPRO Studio the rider has total control of their ride using the CT handlebar controller.

More information on ANT+ Enabled handlebar controllers.

When using PerfPRO Studio, here's what the various buttons on the handlebar controller command:

This is the big orange button that displays the controller menu for each individual rider. Using the RESET button, riders can open their controller menu then use the +/- keys to scroll through the various menu options. Some options include toggling the workout timer, finishing their ride early, and finding their ANT+ devices.

For single-rider use, F1 controls the lap counter. This makes it easy to manually do multiple laps while training.

When there is more than one rider, the leader of the session can pause everyone's ride by using the F1 key whereas anyone else pressing F1 goes into calibration mode, which is just like pressing F3 (refer to F3 info). The leader can press F1 again to continue the ride.

Rider display showing the Handlebar Controller popup menu.
This button toggles through each rider’s display screens to show the various statistical data for their ride. Within the power display, FTP and LTHR are displayed when using the built-in FTP Test. The various screens include the default stats/averages screen, the power screen, zones screen, and course/climbing screen.

This button puts the rider into calibration mode during a ride. Once F3 is pressed, the rider can do the typical spin up past 25mph, coast down and let the CT calculate your new rolling resistance calibration number or RRC. Pressing F3 again sets the new calibration value and continues the ride. This can be done at any time during a ride. Your current RRC is always displayed up on your rider display and briefly blinks when it changes. In a MultiRider setting this makes it easy for the leader/administrator to see if riders are properly calibrating their trainers. When a trainer has never been calibrated you'll see a N/C for "Not Calibrated" in the RRC area.

These blue buttons adjust the rider's current FTP value when a workout is loaded. Any changes to your FTP are not permanently saved, it only changes during the workout. When riding a course these buttons adjust the riders gradient percentage. So if that hill isn't hard enough make it harder!

When more than one rider is present, pressing both +/- keys at the same time allows that rider to become the leader. They can then control some of the ride such as pausing/starting and adjusting the workout's difficulty using the RESET button's menu.

Use these +/- buttons when using the handlebar controller's menu via the orange RESET button (see above). These buttons are used to scroll through the menu.

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