I'm getting SQL Data errors after upgrading from an old version.

When PerfPRO was upgraded it did not properly upgrade your data to its new format. Use the PerfPRO Recovery app to fix this problem.

Start by closing out any of the PerfPRO apps then go down to your Windows button then into the PerfPRO Studio folder. Select the "PerfPRO Recover" app (yellow icon)....

Once that's loaded up select the "Legacy App Data" if it's listed. The "TYPE" should be MDB and the SIZE of the file should be in the 2MB range or more.

If the file is NOT listed then send a problem report from Analyzer or Studio if you are able to get in. If the legacy file is there then select it and press that RECOVER button. It'll then give you some prompts then load up Analyzer to finish up the recovery process.


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