Why are Wahoo KICKRs not considered a Smart Trainer in PerfPRO?

All Wahoo trainers are Smart Trainers, but they are a little different than the typical smart trainer so they have to be categorized as such.

KICKRs broadcast their own native signal as well as the ANT+ FE-C signal. PerfPRO Studio gives you the option to pick which one you want to use. In the studio setting, with many KICKRs, there can be an advantage to using the native signal over the FE-C signal if the studio is prone to a lot of interference. 

If you use the FE-C signal (Smart ANT+ Trainer trainer type) new KICKRs can broadcast cadence and can adjust the KICKR CLIMB in ERG mode. Their native signal is not capable of doing that. We believe Wahoo's push is to eventually deprecate their native signal since most new apps will only use the FE-C signal.


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