Can I download TrainingPeaks workouts into PerfPRO?

Yes. In addition to uploading results to the TrainingPeaks website you may also download (import) workouts from the TP website into your Workout Library in PerfPRO Studio. You must first authorize your TP account by editing your athlete profile in Analyzer. If you have already authorized your account, you'll need to re-authorize to allow downloads to occur. This re-authorization only needs to be done once. You can then import your workouts in PerfPRO Studio by opening the workout library then clicking on the Import button.

Please refer to the PerfPRO Analyzer doc on authorizing your TP account.

In the Import button you will see the option to "Import TrainingPeaks Workouts (WOD)". Selecting this option goes through all accounts that have authorized downloads and adds workouts to he associated personal workout library. By default, each athlete's library has the name "TP SoAndSo's Workouts". This can be renamed after the first import.

A couple things to keep in mind:

1. This option only looks at your TP workouts for today and 5-days into the future when using a premium account. Free accounts only look at today as future workouts cannot be added. So if you missed yesterday's workout then in TP website drag the workout to today and re-import from PerfPRO.

2. Only workouts compatible with PerfPRO are pulled down. So if you build up some crazy mix of distance/FTP and/or time/HR, those will not import. If you're mixing time/FTP and time/grade then you'll get your mixmode workout (PPSMRX). 

3. Repeat type steps show up in the editor with the Group checkboxes checked and the number of sets.

4. Notes added to each step within TP shows up as "Extras" in the editor. Those notes popup during the workout 5-seconds into the step and for 10-seconds. This timing/duration can be changed in the PerfPRO workout editor after importing. Look for the highlighted "Extras" button for that step in the editor.


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