Wahoo KICKR's Advanced Spindown. When to do it?

Using Wahoo's Fitness app you can perform a one-time advanced spindown to help dial in the power readings and eliminate any surging that may be occurring. This option was designed to be run only once so if your trainer needs it then the Fitness app will let you know. Otherwise, there is never a need to perform the advanced spindown multiple times unless instructed to do so by Wahoo support. 

Once the advanced spindown is done you can resume doing typical recalibrations within PerfPRO. For KICKR SNAPs, a normal recalibration should be done at least once every workout after the trainer has been adequately warmed up. For direct-drive KICKRs this can be limited to once per week OR if there is a bike change or relocation of the trainer.

Please contact Wahoo support for any recalibration issues you may be having. They are the masters of these trainers.


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