What's the best way to ride in FTP / ERG mode?

Tips on riding in ERG / FTP% (control) mode.

During FTP workouts, try to pick a gear and stay there. A good setup is to be up in your small ring in front and mid to lower gears in the back. 

Once your gears are setup ride up to a comfortable speed and cadence and hold that speed and cadence. There is hardly ever a need to shift in ERG mode.

Make sure your trainer is good and warmed up and calibrated before hitting the big wattages. It’s better for both of you this way.

Unless the workout calls for steps w/ real low cadence try to maintain a consistent higher cadence above 80rpms.

Lastly and MOST Important:

When the next step in the workout goes into a heavy load DO NOT try to speed up into the wattage/load before the step begins. This will speed you up and keep you at that higher speed on the recoveries. Instead, let the smart trainer add the resistance and get you to the load while you maintain that same speed and cadence. This will keep the speed down (or consistent) while forcing you to maintain the watts. You’ll never (or hardly ever) then over-spin and run out of gears. Contrary to what you may read out in forums and blogs, trying to pedal up into the watts before the trainer knows to put on that kind of resistance will surely get you overspinning and leave you frustrated.

Like everything you want to get good at, practice practice practice !!!


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