Windows 10 Users: Studio sometimes crashes when loading up a Youtube or Pandora window.

If you are running Windows 10 and are now suddenly seeing PerfPRO Studio crash when loading up a YouTube or Pandora window then it is mostly likely a recent security patch Microsoft installed.

It turns out Microsoft installed a KB3132372 security patch that apparently fixes some Flash vulnerabilities.  That patch also wreaks havoc with not only PerfPRO, but also Microsoft apps like Skype, PowerPoint and Outlook to name a few. The best way to fix this is to uninstall the security patch and let Microsoft figure out a fix for this patch with their next Windows Update.
Uninstall the security patch to fix this:
  • Go into your Control Panel then into Programs and Features. Click on the "View installed updates" link over on the left-hand side. 
  • Up in the search bar in the upper right-hand corner, copy/paste KB3132372 into the search bar. You should see the security patch show up.
  • Right-click on that security patch and uninstall. It should go fairly quick.
  • Restart/reboot your machine then load up Studio and see if all is good.
More information on this security patch can be found here. Please follow this link for updates on how to address:

To above link may also provide an alternative patch so the vulnerabilities found may still be addressed.


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