What can be done about dropped signals / interference issues with my ANT devices?

There's a couple things you should check out if you're having dropout issues.
  • Check/replace the battery in your ANT devices. That is usually the issue.
  • Move your ANT+ stick more out in the open. Use a USB extension cord to bring the stick out away from your computer and closer to your bike.
  • If your ANT stick is plugged into a USB hub then make sure the hub has its own power source. 
  • Your router's WIFI channel may need to be changed. Avoid channel 11 as it runs in the same frequency as your ANT sticks. Here is a very good article on what channel you should change too based on what other routers in your area are set at: http://bit.ly/2kieRFo
  • More info on interference here: http://bit.ly/1Pvwv0t
  • More info on KICKR Studio setup here: http://ppst.co/ZokB4l


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