Does PerfPRO Studio support SpinScan mode (for CompuTrainer users only)?

Yes, to view SpinScan you must be in Course Mode within PerfPRO Studio. The CT's handlebar controller does not calculate SS numbers in ERG mode so there is nothing PerfPRO can do to calculate it.

Course mode comes in many forms:
  • Manual Ride with Course Mode option set.
  • SpinScan Test mode. This is a TNG or Time and Grade % workout that tests your pedal efficiency at various course gradients. You may then analyze the workout within PerfPRO Analyzer to see what your SpinScan numbers are at each step.
  • Any course loaded from the workout/course database.
  • Any course loaded along with a workout loaded from the workout/course database.
As long as any of these modes are initiated when the workout begins you have access to the SpinScan screen. Basically, if you're riding gradients on your CompuTrainer you can see SpinScan numbers.

More information on SpinScan usage.


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