PerfPRO CT Smart© Wireless Bridge allows your CompuTrainers and/or CycleOps Bikes/Trainers to broadcast as wireless Smart ANT+ FE-C trainers. This allows other head units like Garmin and Wahoo and other software applications like PerfPRO, TrainerRoad, Zwift, and countless other trainer applications to see your CompuTrainer and control it wirelessly. This eliminates any need for those head units and applications to know how to connect to these trainer trainers. The CT Smart bridge does all that work for them and keeps your non-supported trainers usable for years to come.

CT Smart

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How it Works

With your trainer connected and an ANT+ stick plugged in you can begin broadcasting as a smart trainer. Start by selecting the serial port connected to your CT or by searching for your CycleOps trainer or bike. That's it! Once the trainer is connected it immediately begins broadcasting as a smart trainer.

The image above is an example layout of a single CompuTrainer on serial port COM8 and a PowerBeam PRO with device ID 2434. Each box represents a trainer. Once all trainers are setup you can switch over to your favorite trainer application and pair them up wirelessly using the ANT+ ID displayed in the trainer's box. It's as simple as that! Future workouts simply require you to load up the bridge.

For those connecting multiple CompuTrainers (there is no limit) you need a dedicated ANT stick for every 8-trainers you want to broadcast wirelessly. For example, 8-trainers requires one ANT stick, 12-trainers require two sticks, 24-trainers requires three ANT sticks, etc.

For those connecting multiple CycleOps trainers and/or bikes, the same ANT stick may be used. However, these trainers take up two channels on the ANT+ stick so a max of four (4) of these trainers/bikes may be used per stick.

Please note, no two applications can share the same ANT+ stick at the same time. If you have other ANT+ applications running on your computer then they require their own dedicated ANT+ stick.

Supported Trainers and Bikes

CT Smart can broadcast the following as ANT+ FE-C smart trainers:
  • CompuTrainer
  • Kurt Kinetic Smart Control using its USB printer cable connection
  • PowerBeam PRO (ANT+ model only)
  • PowerBeam Legacy
  • Phantom 5 Bike
  • 400 and 420 PRO Bike
For Developers

If other applications would like to leverage the CompuTrainers handlebar controller wirelessly then they may do so by following the developer document. This allows them to program for a the standard command page 73 and use the controller however they want. The document gets into all the dirty details.

Product Review

Watch or read DC RainMaker's product review on CT Smart.
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