PerfPRO Studio 2020
PerfPRO Studio 2020
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All the same PerfPRO power with added features,
more flexibility, and a big 'ol make-over!!!

Beta 2020
3-Rider setup with two timers and the command center at the top.

The all-new PerfPRO Studio 2020 provides a greater amount of flexibility on how you train. Dashboards, timers, and everything else can be layed out exactly how you want. You'll find the overall trainer setup, device assignments, and workout editing to be much easier and cleaner to use.

Beta 2020
The all-new PerfPRO Studio Command Center

The all-new Command Center replaces all of that popup functionality you get from the main timer. This makes it much easier to find the things you need.

Beta 2020
The new and improved dashboard.

Dashboards now replace what was called rider displays in the past. The new dashboards provide easier access to the data you need, cooler wattage and target bars, and a huge amount of flexability in what you want to see on a page. You can now also add as many custom pages as you want and give them a name. Simply add the page, edit the fields, and you're good!

For studios, there is no limit to how you want your dashboards layed out. Eash dashboard can be sized to whatever you want and it's SUPER EASY to make it happen. There are also a number of layout features and the Layout Manager to get things looking the way you want.

Beta 2020
The new and improved Workout Library.

The new Workout Library has been revamped to make it easier to find and use the workouts you need. Larger studios will appreciate just how much faster it is to navigate their library of thousands and thousands of workouts.

Beta 2020
The all-new PerfPRO Studio Workout Editor

The new Workout Editor has been simplified and easier to use. You'll find creating workouts to be a very easy task so you can get them in your library and get to training.

This is really just the tip of the Le Col du Tourmalet!!!!

PerfPRO Studio 2020 is perfect for the serious athlete at home and an absolute must for studios training hundreds of athletes per week.

No app trains and prepares you better than PerfPRO Studio 2020, period!
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