PerfPRO Studio in Workout and Course Mode.
Workout Modes
Below are the various workout modes PerfPRO Studio allows. For all modes, a performance data file is saved for each rider and loaded into PerfPRO Analyzer:

Manual Mode (no files loaded):
This is the most basic of the modes and allows you to bounce between power and course mode without a course or workout file loaded. You can switch back-and-forth anytime during your ride without interruption. In power mode you can set the slider on the main timer to run at a percentage of your FTP. Switching over to course mode the slider adjusts the grade. In either mode, using the plus/minus (+/-) keys on the Handlebar Controller adjusts the slider.

Workout Only Mode (workout file loaded, no course file loaded):
This mode is also called Power or ERG mode and is usually FTP percentage based with a workout file loaded from the Workout database. Pure wattage or gradient workout types may be used as well. The CompuTrainer™ sets the load resistance to the watts the athlete is supposed to ride. Riders then have to match the load. This is the preferred method of riding a wattage/percentage based workout and will arguably give the athletes the best quality training. When analyzing the performance files within PerfPRO Analyzer you will see very small deviations from the watts an athlete was supposed to hold compared to what they actually held. It's hard to beat that kind of quality training.

Course Only Mode (course file loaded, no workout file loaded):
With only a course file loaded riders simply ride the gradients of the road. There is no workout interaction. The riders' names are displayed on the course profile to show where they are at as well as what position they are in, which can be handy if racing. Start/Stop distances can be adjusted as well as the number of laps. You can ride multiple laps for any course file.

Workout Only Mode with Course Mode option selected:
With an FTP or ERG workout loaded by itself you may also check the option on the main timer to ride at a steady grade in course mode. This allows you to do the same workout in course mode without having to load a course. This at times is the preferred way of riding so the athletes have to hold their own power like they would outdoors, but you don't want to change the terrain or see the progress within a course. When this option is checked you're also able to change the grade % for everyone or each athlete can use the +/- keys on the handlebar controller (CT or remote users only) and adjust their own grade.

Triathlon Mode (course file loaded, workout file optional):
In this mode start times (or swim times) are established for each rider and a course file is loaded (workout file optional). Each rider's trainer is disabled until the main timer reaches their start time. They can then begin racing. When they reach the end of the course their actual (chip) time is recorded as well as their clock time. For more information checkout the Tutorials section on how to get this mode set up. If your studio likes to do indoor triathlons this is a pretty cool mode.

Workout and Course Mode (both workout and course files loaded):
With both workout and course files loaded athletes ride the gradients on the road, but also get workout interaction. Each rider’s display shows the LOAD they are supposed to be riding, but the CompuTrainer™ will not add the load resistance. So this would be similar to power training outside on the road. This can be a realistic workout, but can also be challenging to match the watts you are supposed to be riding, especially when going downhill. When analyzed in PerfPRO Analyzer you will see much greater deviations from the watts athletes held compared to what they were supposed to hold opposed to a Workout Only mode workout.

Using a past performance file as a power workout.
Past Performance Mode (performance file containing power/wattage data loaded):
When riding someone’s past performance file, you can do one of two things: Final note on courses and performances:
Most file types such as Garmin, PowerTap, SRM are fully compatible with PerfPRO Studio. So if you want to bring in your own performance file on a thumb drive it’s very easy to load up and use. No conversions are necessary with PerfPRO Studio!

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